Mercantour’s  Loù Nidou  Accomodations

Mercantour’s  Loù Nidou  Accomodations

Located in the bright valley of Valdeblore, « Lou Nidou » are two holiday accomodations that loves Nature and the Mercantour’s territory. They are waiting for you in all seasons.

Located on the « route du Bois Noir » (Black wood road)  that meanders from La Bolline, the rural gites « Lou Nidou » accomodates visitors that seeks calm and harmony in the discovery of the Mercantour’s Park.

The « Cote d’Azur »’s sun bathe here a mountain countryside (the altitude is 1000 meters) rich of a lush and unique vegetation that the Mercantour’s Park has archieved to preserve. The rural gites are located in the Surrounding Area of the Mercantour’s National Parc. The GPS coordinate are : 44°03’59.6″N 7°10’30.6″E .

The gites are close to the La Colmiane’s station.

Their orientation is South-West, and offer magnificent sunsets throught the foliage. The rural gites « Lou Nidou are located in a robust chalet made of Tinée’s stone and of larch wood, 60 kilometers north of Nice.

The first gite, « Lou Pichin Nidou » has a floor space of 44 m², and is made of a living room with a sofa bed, a fully-equipped kitchen, a bed room, a shower room and a toilet. This gite is referenced under the number 3175 by the Gites de France Alpes Maritimes. It is ranked « 3 épis », and has the Esprit parc National label.

The second gite, « Lou Gran Nidou », has a surface area of 60 m² and is located on the chalet’s second floor. Il is alos ranked 3 épis and referenced under the number 3185. It is constitued of two fairly large bedrooms, one big living room with kitchen, dining room and sitting room, of one shower room, a WC and a long corridor. The decoration and the room furnishing is directly inspired by the natural environement. We are also very concerned about the environement, and « Lou Nidou » has obtained the « ecogeste »qualification, delivered by Gites de France, that shows a responsible approach toward the nature.

You will be at the same time in a peacefull environement, but also near the village where you can buy your food easily.

« Lou Nidou » is also a refuge for the L.P.O. (Birds protection league), and as such we have made some planning and planting so that our friends the birds feel right at home here.

You can follow our adventures on Lou Nidou’s facebook page.

Last but not least, « Lou Nidou » is a Park info Relay of the Mercantour’s national park. A shelf is full of books published by the park and is made avaliable for all our visitors. A rich and varied documentation let you inform yourself on the marvels of the Mercantour’s Park.

Nature-lovers, calm-seekers, look no more, here we have it all.

The central heat system spreads a 20°C temperature thanks to good old cast iron radiator in all rooms, thanks to the recommandations of the ADEME (national organization for energy). You have further informations about ideal temperature for residence on lot’s of different web sites and all of them advise to keep the programmable thermostat at 68 degrees F for healthy and environmentally reasons.